• Does your startup provide the best service and/or solution to Rocket Jump Agos in a new Customer Centricity era?

    Can you create the wow factor in your clients with a revolutionary shopping experience?

    Have you developed a groundbreaking cutting-edge technology to turn our offer upside down?

AGOS opens its doors to collaboration with Italian and European startups, as part of its initiative « Agos4startup » focused on Customer Centricity.

We are looking for solutions that can push our innovation efforts in the relationship with our customers to new frontiers.


Startups with a working prototype or MVP, which can carry out a pilot and provide genuine innovation in terms of technology and/or use, with a direct bearing on the way AGOS relates with its customers.


AGOS is looking for solutions that will help develop further its business activity by improving the customer experience, connecting and measuring the customer interactions positioning the brand into a customer champion.


The scope of the call for projects covers several fields connected with the company’s stance as customer centric that will have a structuring impact on the dynamics and the way of working on AGOS. Among the most relevant:

Customer centricity is not just about offering great customer service, it means offering a great experience. It’s a strategy that’s based on putting your customer first, and at the core of your business. We need to be focus on what the customer wants and needs, and develop products and services around that. We need to be interested in building relationships, creating and keeping profitable and loyal customer.

We look for new ways to develop shopping experience, because it continues to evolve, sometimes very rapidly. We want to invest in realizing an end-to-end process that really means “from the very beginning to the very end” of the buying experience. We desire to allow customers to make online and offline purchases with a quick and simple enrollment process in a personalized customer journey across all the possible access platforms.

Cutting edge technology means ‘new technology’: through the years, scientists have introduced cutting-edge technologies intended to make life a lot more convenient for humans. Augmented Reality, Deep Data Mining, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the technological advancements that happened so fast in the last few years, that people’s current way of life already seems out of date relative to these advancements! That’s the reason why we desire to explore this theme and make it one of the powerful element of our future processes and services.


Beacons: The beacon itself is a small location-based technology device that transmits a signals using the Bluetooth Low Energy network technology. It can be as precise as identifying and targeting a user standing in front of a particular product at a store, viewing a particular painting at a museum or sitting in a certain seat at an arena. 

IoT: It is a network of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers. The devices in the network have the ability to transfer data without requiring human interaction. 

Co-Browsing (real-time visual collaboration): It enables agents and customers to be on the same page – literally. With the click of a button, agents can instantly view and interact with customers’ web browsers. Therefore, agents can provide live and personalized guidance through complex processes. 

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: Both technologies bring innovation in multiple different fields such as: training, marketing, product design, and many more. 

Other technologies: If you believe that your startup is developing a product which fits the focus area describe above, but your cutting-edge technology does not appear in the technology scope of the call you can still apply to the call. We are eager to be surprise by your proposal


  • #Newbiz

    Possibility of new businesses.

  • #Prizes

    The winning start-up will be able to carry out an experimental project with the Agos Innovation Lab. This will consist of implementing the solution with clients and/or partners of Agos, within a defined scope.  

    This experimentation could give rise to a commercial opportunity connected with the project carried out and the resources involved, or to the solution’s integration within Agos. 

    In addition, a maximum of one winner chosen from all applicants will win the following: 

    • A first prize of €5,000 
    • Certificate of participation and recognition for winning the Call for Innovation 
  • #NewExperience

    Working alongside the team of AGOS will help the startup grow faster and better than before Agos4startup.

  • #NewOpportunities

    By his unquestionable judgment, the Jury may assign additional recognitions to other teams in the case of relevant projects. 


  • Open Call

  • Close Call

  • Screening and invites to selected Startups

  • Pitch day


Why is AGOS looking for external solutions?

The term “open innovation” refers to companies, individuals and public agencies working together to create innovative products and services, all within a system where ideas flow between internal and external partners. AGOS realizes that sharing expertise and expanding projects together with external professionals is mutually beneficial, leading to more value driven and sustained innovation. Open innovation means drawing on distributed knowledge, and results in our users’ needs being met in a more significant and immediate way.

Who can join and submit solution to the Open Innovation challenge?

AGOS invites start-upsSMEs or micro-enterprises to send their proposals.

How is my intellectual property protected?

If you have a patent, design or registered trademark, you are protected according to the relevant international law. If your idea is not protected by a patent, please note that any information you disclose will be deemed as NON-confidential. Should we be interested in learning more about your innovative solution, you will be contacted by AGOS to discuss the next steps. 

Is AGOS willing to sign an NDA/ NCA (Non diclosure agreement/ Non compete agreement)?

No. At this stage, we are interested in non-confidential information that does not require an NDA / NCA. Should we be interested in following up and getting further details concerning your project, we will then form an agreement to protect both parties.

What type of professional partnership is AGOS willing to form with Open Innovation partners?

An experimental project (pilot) with the Agos Innovation Lab.

What does AGOS do with the submitted proposal?

Submitting an online proposal does NOT automatically result in an invitation to the AGOS Innovation Day. AGOS is free to evaluate each proposal and only those which receive the most positive feedback will be invited to the AGOS Innovation Day for further discussions.

What happens once I send my proposal?

Once you submit your proposal on the online portal, you will receive a confirmation email. The Open Innovation team, which includes professionals from AGOS and Digital Magics, will then start a more detailed evaluation process. The proposals that receive the most positive feedback from the team will then be invited to the AGOS Innovation Day.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The quality of the company: 

  • Quality of the team  
  • Maturity level of the solution proposed  
  • Soundness of the business model 

The quality of the experimental project envisaged with Agos:  

  • Innovativeness  
  • Feasibility 
  • Technology 
  • Potential (including financial) 
  • The start-up’s level of involvement with the project   

Can I ask for a personal meeting with someone from AGOS or Digital Magics to discuss my proposal?

No. Submissions can only be made through the online portal. At the end of the evaluation process you will be contacted and invited.

I already work in AGOS can I take part?

No. Existing AGOS partners can’t take part in the challenge. 

Am I allowed to submit more than one proposal?


Will AGOS remunerate me for submitting a proposal?

No. You will not be paid for submitting a proposal to any Open Innovation challenge. AGOS offers successful applicants the opportunity to evaluate different types of contractual agreement, such as partnerships, patent & technology acquisitions, and licensing. 

Is there a fee to submit a proposal?

No. Registration to the platform, application and submission are completely free. 

How will my personal data be used?

AGOS and Digital Magics will only use participants’ personal data to organize follow-up meetings, or for any future communications related to Open Innovation initiatives. 

When can I expect feedback from AGOS regarding the status and value of my proposal?

The window to submit your proposal is from 13th November 2017 to 15th December 2017. If AGOS is interested in organizing a follow-up meeting, you will receive an invitation via email the 29 January for the pitch day 14 February.

What about travel expenses for AGOS’ Pitch Day?

We will refund the cost for travel and accommodation for a maximum of: 

  • 200 Eur for Italian Startup  
  • 500 Eur for EU Startup 

Will the material submitted to the call be publicly shared?

The material provided by Participants during the completion of the Form does not represent “Content” in accordance with what specified in the Terms of Use and will therefore only be shared between selected AGOS and Digital Magics staff who will be responsible for electing the four finalists.

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